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How big is a flag?

Rectangle flags are approximately 10" x 15" and they cost between $15-25.
Triangle flags are 10" X 13.5" and cost between $8-20.

I'm confused. Can you make me a 3' x 5' flag?

The answer is no! The images are embroidered onto the flags, and there isn't a way to make the logos large enough to fill out the flag.
Besides it would take forever to embroider out an image that big and probably make me go insane trying to piece it all together.
BUT if you are willing to give me $30,000, I can buy the printing machine that will make them.
And I would be more than happy to make you one! :)

What shapes do the flags come in?

Rectangle and triangle. Any flag that is listed on the website can be made on either a rectangle or triangle flag.
Just because it doesn't show a triangle flag on the picture doesn't mean that it's not available.
In the comment section of the order form, just state that you would like a triangle flag.

What color flags do you have?

Flag color choices are:

It is going to take ME FOREVER to update all of the listings to include all of the flag color options. If the flag that you want has not been updated yet, you can still place your order online. Just list in the comment section that you would like to change the flag color . In order to get to the comment section of the order form, you must choose a flag color. Just pick one, It doesn't matter. I will always email you back to verify your order.

I'm confused, do you have checkered flag material available?

Sorry at this time I have not found checkered flag material that is a high enough quality. I also still haven't found any Kawasaki green flag material. I've only been looking for 19 years. I'll find it one of these days!!

How long will my flag last?

These flags are NOT the cheap flags that everybody else sells. They are made to last MORE than one riding season. I've had customers tell me they've been using the same flag for 3+ years.
Put it this way....You will probably get tired of your flag before it wears out.

Can I mount my flag on my truck, car or motorcycle and drive it down the highway/freeway?

Are you crazy!!!! These flags are "trail flags". Don't call me up when you stupidly put it on your car/truck and drive it down the road at 75 mph and complain that your flag looks not so perfect.
What did you think was going to happen!
These flags can take a beating but they are not made for the highway/freeway!

Will my flag fit on a lighted whip?

YES. Since I make these flags all to order, I can adjust the sleeves of the flags so they will fit your lighted whips. When I email you back with your order recap, just let me know you have a lighted whip. Or add it to the comment section of the order form. It's located towards the end of the checkout process. Or if your lighted whip has a clip system and you need grommets installed on the sleeve of your new flag, just let me know. There is no extra charge.

How is my image put onto the flag?

Images are embroidered onto the material on BOTH sides of the flag.
I can't have you riding around with one side blank!

Can I put a photograph of my atv, dirt bike, sand rail, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, cat, dog on a flag?

No. It's too hard to put photos of people, animals, or objects on flags.
I can do cartoon characters, drawings, logos, etc.

Do you charge a setup or digitizing fee?

No, I do not charge either a setup or digitizing fee. Most people say I am nuts! (And maybe I am)
If you go to your local shop or look online, digitizing would cost you anywhere for $100-$250 for 1 design and that's just CRAZY!!! If I am unable to digitize your logo, there is always the option of using a 3rd party to digitize your logo. Fair warning, it's expensive!

I like the flag that is listed on your website, but what changes can I make to it?

You can change anything and everything. All flags listed on the website can be changed to suit your needs. You can change the flag color. You can change the logo color. You can change the font color. Don't like the style of font used? You can change that too. You can change the names or sayings on the flags. The possibilities are endless. Whatever you want, you can have. When ordering, just list everything you want on your flag in the comment section of the order form. If no comments are left, I will assume that you want your flag just as pictured. But don't worry, I will always send you an email after you place an order with a recap just to make sure I understand exactly what you want on your new flag.

Hey! I have a regular whip! How do I attach one of your flags to my pole?

The flags come with easy installation directions along with a zip tie and metal clamp that will attach the flag to your pole.
There is a nylon strap inside the sleeve of the flag. Simply slide your pole through the sleeve of the flag. Using your thumb and index finger, push the top of the flag down exposing the nylon strap. When the nylon strap is exposed, take the cable tie and secure it around both the nylon strap and whip. Cut off any excess cable tie. Repeat the same process for the bottom of the flag, but instead of using the zip tie, use the metal clamp. Tighten down the hose clamp with a screwdriver so it secures the strap to the pole. Push the flag material back up. When done properly, you will not be able to see the zip tie or metal clamp.
If you don't want the standard sleeve on your flag, I can install grommets on the sleeve of your flag. There is no extra charge. Just add a note to your order saying you need grommets.

Hey! I have a lighted whip! How do I attach one of your flags to my pole?
If your flags slide over the poles, I can adjust the sleeve on your flag so it will fit.
If your lighted whip has a clip system, I can put grommets on the sleeve of your flag so you can clip it on.

Do the flags come with poles?

NO. Sorry the flags DO NOT come with poles.

Where can I purchase a pole?

It's too hard for me to ship poles these days. Plus it's really expensive. The post office charges me an arm and a leg to mail them plus I have to buy the shipping tubes which aren't cheap. But to help everybody out, I will tell you where I get them from and they are a lot cheaper than what everybody else sells them for!!!! They will run you 4-5 DOLLARS!!!!

GO TO: https://goodwinds.com/fiberglass/solid-fiberglass.html

I buy the 48" AND 72" black or white poles.
The 6 foot 1/4 poles are the 72" .250 poles
The 6 foot 5/16 poles are the 72" .312 poles
The 4 foot 5/16 poles are 48" 312 poles.

This company just sells the poles. They don't come with mounts. So if you don't already have one, you would have to purchase a quick release holder. You can find them online for about $10.

How do I clean my flag?

Clean with soapy water and a damp cloth.

How do I order a custom flag?

If you have an image that you would like to put on a flag, please fill out the "Have a Design In Mind" form. The link is located on the homepage of Devil Woman Flags. The form is then directly emailed to Devil Woman flags where I will look over the design to make sure that it is
possible to put onto a flag. I will then email you back as soon as I can to let you know if I can do it or not. OR send an email directly to me: My direct email address is devilwomanflags@gmail.com

My design has been approved. How do I order my flag?

If you decide you want to purchase your custom flag, there are a couple ways to order and pay for your flag. You can either go back into my website at www.dwflags.com using this linků (you might have to cut and paste the link into your browser)

Custom Rectangle Flag:

Custom Triangle Flag:

Custom Saying Flag:

or I can email you an invoice through Paypal or I accept credit cards via phone 707-367-8324 (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm pst.), or through email.

How soon will I receive my flag once I have placed an order?

Flags are made on a first come, first serve basis. Since these flags have become so popular, it usually takes at least a week to 2 weeks to receive your order. BUT if you need your flag sooner or by a specific date, please let me know and I will try my best to get your flag to you in time. During Holidays such as HALLOWEEN, THANKSGIVING, CHRISTMAS, PRESIDENT'S DAY, SPRING BREAK, MEMORIAL DAY, LABOR DAY and 4th OF JULY, I am backed up at least 2-3 weeks on orders. If you are planning to order flags during these times, please order early to ensure that you will receive your flags in time for your trips. I try very hard to ensure that everybody who needs their orders by a specific date, receives them by the date needed.

Once you place an order, I will ALWAYS send you an email with an order recap, estimated shipping date AND I will ask you questions, Please be on the lookout for it.

Why does it take so long for me to receive my flag?

Devil Woman Flags is just a small business. And I really mean, just a SMALL business. It's only me (Barbara) making the flags. I sit here all day long and sew. But don't worry, if you need your flag by a specific date, just let me know and I'll try my best to get your flag to you in time. I'm rarely unable to fulfill a request. But please don't order your flag on Wednesday and expect to receive it by Friday. I'm fast, but not that fast!

I just placed my order. What happens now?

I will email you back to verify your order. I want to make sure I understand exactly what you want on your new flag(s). If you place an order on the weekend, I will email you back Monday morning.

How are the flags shipped?

I use the good ole' US Post Office. Keep in mind, the post office is having problems of their own these days! Sometimes they are fast at delivering mail and sometimes they are SLOWER THAN SNOT. Please keep in mind, I cannot control how fast the post office is. I'm sorry, I wish I could!

What kind of payments do you accept?

Devil Woman Flags currently accepts PAYPAL. Once you are ready to checkout, my website will take you to PAYPAL which is a secure website where you can use your Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express to pay. If you don't want to deal with PAYPAL, I have learned how to use Venmo and Zelle. If you would like to pay that way, just send me an email! There isn't an option on my website to pay with Venmo or Zelle yet. Just email me over your order and I'll give you my information.

I'm sorry, I no longer accept checks or money orders. It's a sign of the times. I was paying more in service fees from the bank than taking in checks.

How do I talk to a real person? I don't want to place my order over a website?

It's easy plus I like talking to people!!!! Just give me a call at (707) 367-8324 between the hours of 9am-5pm Monday-Friday ARIZONA TIME. East Coasters, I love ya but please don't call at 6 am MY time. I'm still sleeping!!!!! By the way, my name is Barbara.

What the heck? I called but nobody answered. What's up with that?

Since it's just me that makes all the flags, I usually have music blasting while I'm working. Sometimes, I don't hear my cell phone ring. No worries! As soon as I look down at the phone, I realize that I may have missed your phone call. Just leave me a message on my voicemail or send me a text. (707) 367-8324

If I don't answer and it's after 4pm, leave me a message. I'm probably going to the post office to drop off my orders for the day or running around town doing errands. Just leave me a message. I will call you back the following morning. :)


If you have a problem with your flag please contact me at devilwomanflags@gmail.com or give me a call. I will try my best to make everything right or I will gladly refund your money. I really want you to be satisfied with your flag.

***NEW ADDITION I never thought I would have to say this out of common sense but I actually had a customer do this...... you CANNOT return your flag if you have USED it and expect a refund. You CAN'T rent your flag for a weekend of riding. Just like you CAN'T return clothes at a store if you have already worn them! And then to top it off this customer decided to report me to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) saying that it doesn't state on the return policy that you can't return used flags. Well now it does. You got to just love people who try to take advantage of everyone.

Last but not least......How long has Devil Woman Flags been in business???

I've been making flags since 2002! With over 50,000+ flags made, thanks to you and everybody else, I'm still going strong.


:) Barbara

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